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What is instagram used for?

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Instagram is a platform that is used for online mobile photo sharing as well as for social networking and videosharing. People can take pictures as well as videos and these are then shared publicly or else privately using either the app or using other platforms for social networking.

First instagram used to only allow square photos in the 4:3 ratio but then version 7.5 is used for posting photos of any aspect ratios.

Uses of Instagram

Instagram has many uses. It has over 300 million users and as a result the capacity to reach out to a vast number of people is enormous. The benefits and uses of Instagram are :

  1. It can be used to create lead generating campaigns
  2. It can be used by businesses to market their services or their products through various creative methods. The filters, editing tools as well as the different photos which can be uploaded add a lot of creativity which can be put into the marketing. When these marketing gimmicks or photos or videos are liked or excite the curiosity of people, they share it and that causes more and more people to know about the marketing campaign and it leads to more publicity
  3. One can take a lot of pictures of behind the scenes photos and these kind of posts get a lot of likes as well as generate a lot of comments by the users. This means that there is even more publicity and more attention given to the photo and this can help promote the business as well.
  4. Instagram can be used to update people on the latest that is there in terms of promotions or offers. One can take pictures and share it. These get instant recognition and some even go viral.
  5. Instagram is used to increase the levels of communication
  6. It also can be used to increase the friend list of a person or a business and then it can make that person or business even more famous
  7. One can share whatever information they have or want to share in very original as well as creative ways
  8. Instagram can be used by businesses to check and understand what the customers and potential customers would like, dislike as well as the current trends
  9. One is able to reach audiences which otherwise they would never have been able to reach in those huge numbers. This benefits the business a great deal.


However, there are certain disadvantages to instagram :

  1. It should not be used incorrectly else it can instantly destroy a person or business’ reputation
  2. It should not be used to share private information
  3. People tend to spend too much time on instagram
  4. People can misuse it even to spy on other people

In order to make the best use of instagram one needs to carefully read the terms, conditions as well as the privacy policies and ensure that they only have genuine followers and not people who they would rather not associate with

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