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What makes Instagram such a great social site?

The site that really made social media popular is Facebook. It changed the world forever with some really simple ideas. After it, the internet has been flooded with tens of thousands of social sites coming every month. But no one of them could have even a slight effect on the social giant over the years. Recently however Instagram has got a lot of instant fame. Within just a year and a half, it has a commonly used social site around the world with millions of users. Finally Facebook had to buy it for $1 billion. So, the thing that a lot of people wonder is that what made a small app such a big enterprise with this high value in just 18 months. If you are one of those people, here are some answers for you. Listed below are the things that make Instagram so good that it is being used by so many people.

Social sharing: These days it has become quite trendy to share special moments of the life online. People like to tell their friends what they are doing, with whom and where. Every social site allows you to do it, but Instagram does it in a cool way. Rather than typing boring text you can just take a picture and post it online instantly using the app. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, it will tell all the things you need to tell your friends. Besides that you can connect your other social accounts to share the photo on other sites automatically.

Free to use: For any app to be popular today it first has to be free. No one likes to try out a know thing when they have to pay for it. But the Instagram app was and is freely available for all. Download, install, set up the account and start posting. This gives you option to not just be social but also promote a business on Instagram for free. It is a great option for small business owners.

Simple and fun: As mentioned above, the app is really easy to use. You click a photo, add the effects, write a small description and post it on Instagram. It hardly takes a couple of minutes in the whole. As soon as you are done with one, you can get to the next one. Along with being simple it is also very fun. Text is quite boring to type and read. But photos are very interesting fun. Also, people make it much more fun by discussing topics like Kim Kardashian most followed person on Instagram?

Creativity: There are many other social sites that allow you post photos but none of them allows you to show your creativity. Instagram gives you option to edit the photo by adding effects before you post it. If you are really interested in photography this can be a great option for you. It is possible for you to share a piece of art on the internet through this app.

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