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Use Instagram to share videos and images with your windows mobile device

Instagram is taking the social networking world by storm. This has become a must-have app in everyone’s mobile to share the photos and videos with the followers and following people in this site. Most importantly, this platform is being used by the businesses to share the visual content with the target audience across the globe. Interestingly, people who have an account in Instagram check their profiles every day compared to other social media sites and evince interest in engaging with the brands.

How to use Instagram on windows phone?

You just need to download this app on your windows mobile and start sharing your pictures. Many windows mobile users are evincing interest in using this platform. Earlier, people used third party apps to access Instagram, but with the release of the official Instagram app for windows, users have expressed their joy and happiness to use it.

Here are a few tips that help you on how to use Instagram on windows phone

Should ON the square grid in their mobiles:

Ideally, this social networking app will display the pictures and videos in the square fashion, so it is vital for you to change the settings in the mobile to square to view clear pictures on your mobile. Indeed, this gives a clear idea of which picture to share in your Instagram profile.

You can make use of the apps that are specially developed for editing the images:

You can use filters to edit the photos as per your preferences and make your image look unique and appealing. There are many photo editing apps, especially compatible with windows mobile are available in the market. In addition to that, you can use the lighting effects and textures to change the outlook of your images before posting in Instagram.

Need to use hashtags: Though, your images are pretty enough, but you will not receive as many likes as you expect, if the followers in your account do not view them. So, you need to use a proper hashtag to find your posts easily by the followers and other people when they search using the hashtag that you have used for tagging your post. You can use 30 hashtags for each photo in this platform. It is ideal to use hashtags in the comment sections instead of putting them as a photo caption.

You can put the location: You can even share the locations of the photos in the window phones when you share the pictures in Instagram using Foursquare account. Moreover, these photos are directly added to the location Instagram page, thus getting more likes and comments to your pictures.

Ways a business can use Instagram

Share the products: Instagram is the best way to showcase your products and pull the eye of the target audience. For instance, if your business is releasing a new product, then you can post the visual of it. If the musician is releasing his/her latest album, then they can post a sneak peek of the album to create hype in the audience. You can also post the images of your employees, brands, meetings, office events, etc. in your business profile page. This helps your potential customers to know more about your business and make your page more intriguing.

Share pictures with other social media sites: Though, Instagram is a social networking app, but you find share buttons on this page, thus allowing you to share the pictures in other social networking sites with ease.

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