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The number of Instagram users has increased drastically in the last couple of years. This social media site had a slower start but now it is at its top. The main reason for which is the ease to use the app. You can take a picture at any time and post it on Instagram within just a couple seconds. There is no complication at all. But that is only for the basic functions of the app. The advanced options can be very tricky and hard to understand. You can go for months without even noticing that there are more options available. You will not ask how to make my Instagram profile private when you do not even know that it is possible. If you want to use the app at its full potential you should be aware of the advanced stuff.

Notification settings

To keep you updated about what is going on, you are regularly notified. You can get notifications when someone likes your photo or follows you, when you are mentioned in a comment, you someone tags you in a photo and when one of your photos is posted on a famous page. If you are a regular user you must know about these notifications. But you might not know that it is possible to select the things you should be notified about. You need to go to your profile and tap on the Settings wheel. Then you need to go to Push Notifications Settings. There you can change the way you are notified.

Social networking

It is quite obvious that Instagram would not be the only social site you use. You must have active accounts on Twitter, Google+ and many other such sites. It will not be efficient if you have to post the same photo on each of these sites separately. This will take all the fun out of clicking photos and sharing them. Realizing this, Instagram allows you to connect the profile to other social sites. With the help of this, the photo you post here will automatically be shared on other sites. To make this happen, you need to go to the Profile tab and the over to Edit Sharing. There you can select the site you want to connect to. After this, whenever you post a new photo, you will be asked if you want it to be shared on other sites.

Private profile

The most commonly asked question by Instagram users is how to make my Instagram profile private. There are many people who like to be social but do not want anyone to have access to their private lives. If you have the same opinion, you can make the profile private which will make sure that only the people you know get to see your photos. For this you need to go to your Profile tab. There you need to tap on the Edit Your Profile button. Finally you have to switch on the Posts are Private option, and it is done.

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Buy Instagram Likes

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Buy Instagram Followers

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