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Pick the package that best suits your needs below – the bigger the packages represents better value, and the more followers you have means you will have a greater impact online. All the followers we supply are of great quality.

500 followers- $7

2000 followers – £15

5000 followers – $35

10000 followers – $75

20000 followers – $145

How to order

Once you have selected the package you want simply click ‘buy now’ and before you make payment you will have to input the Instagram account URL that you want to followers to follow. You will then be sent through the payment process which is facilitated by Paypal, so it is dead simple, and you know your money will be processed safely and confidentially.

Getting the followers

Once your payment has been completed, followers to your Instagram account will start coming in. If you have any problems at all Speedy Social offers full support, and if for any reason there is a problem processing your order, you are entitled to a full refund as stated in Speedy Socials refund policy. This gives you peace of mind when making this purchase, and ensures you get exactly what you want.

Additional information

Unlike other social follower sites, Speedy Social doesn’t use bots to create millions of fake social media accounts. Speedy Social knows that getting followers from these kind of accounts could potentially harm your social media, and have the opposite effect of what you want.

When ordering followers please use your Instagram username. Example = https://instagram.com/yourusername